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to not be perfect
So, I went to Tempe, Arizona this weekend to compete against the ASU ballroom club. I had SO MUCH FUN. And Chris (my dance partner, and the guy pictured here) was just absolutely fantastic and so much fun to dance with and ahdsjklfdsajfjksWe metaled in every Bronze American Rhythm dance (Cha cha, rumba, mambo, bolero, and swing). We didn’t compete Bronze American Smooth, but I’m excited to see what we can do at future competitions. We even won 4th in the 9 dance, which includes smooth dances! (Smooth isn’t our strong point). Just thought I’d update y’all after being kind of MIA yesterday and today. P.S.  Danny did really well with his partner. They have like 14 metals and like a trillion ribbons I don’t even know how many like wow. They were fan-fucking-tastic. 
Some Cactus Grill employee dude just awkwardly smiled at me from like… across the room.

also the music playing is pretty good right now

also that chick is sitting at a table across from me fucksjdfk

I’m just going to liveblog eating breakfast at cactus. 

I just heard this in passing.. “I mean, I’m all for being healthy.. I mean, we were meant to climb trees and search for berries and shit.”

I think the visor thing has escalated but I’m not sure.

At first it was no big deal

Seconds later I was a bro. 

Hey guis I bought myself this nifty U of A visor today to protect my eyes from the sun and what not! 
Am I weird?

Is it weird for me to think that my chemistry lab practical was actually pretty fucking cool? I mean it was easy, but it was cool nonetheless. We had to determine the effectiveness of this drug on rats to decrease the effects of anemia. So basically, we had to make sure the concentration of iron in the plasma sample we were provided with was at an acceptable level. And then we had to make sure there was no copper in the sample, because the drug had a weird side effect that released copper in the blood. 

I mean, obviously it was a fake drug and stuff but I just think the idea was cool. Like, they spent a lot of time thinking of that.. and I bet they thought they were fucking cool when they thought it up. Haha. 

Danny the Super-RA

So, Danny is thinking about what he wants to do for decorations for his new hall next year. He’s in Arbol, and they don’t allow hall decorations because it’s a new building and the CD there thinks they look stupid and they’re a waste of time. Soo, all he has to do is door decorations with the resident’s names on them. 

He wants to make Kingdom of Hearts keyblades for each of his residents out of foam paper, and put their names on the little key chain thing. It sounds a bit elaborate, but he’s so into it. x) 

It actually sounds like an awesome idea for an honors hall, so I think it’ll work out well. :P

Kind of really happy about how ballroom elections went! Though, I think Kevin should have gotten Treasurer. But whatevvzzzz. x)

Melissa, Danny, Erica, and Cookie will make a fantastic team though and I’m really excited for next year. :)


Studying chem/doing finance project and eating Hostess cupcakes to ease the pain of realizing Steven hates me :(
ASU Ballroom Competition 2012!

Okay so I’m just going to tell the whole story. 

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ASU Comp!

I will write a bigger post about my ballroom competition at ASU tomorrow, but, basically it was fantastic and I had a lot of fun and yeah. I’m so tired I can’t words. So. Tomorrow.

Things I’m dancing at the ASU comp

Bronze (With Danny): Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Cha cha, Rhumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo.

Newcomer (Cesar): Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and then Swing (with Lizzy ^-^) 

Multi-Dance (with Danny): Cha cha, Rhumba, Swing

And then Merengue for open dances with Danny. :)

I’m going to be super busy! But it’s going to be so much funnnn. :)


So, for my personal finance class, I have an open note open book midterm, and all was fine until the last two questions.. 

I need to write two 1.5-2 page papers, single spaced, on things that I could explain in just a few paragraphs. :l

…time to go ramble forever.