It is okay ♡
to not be perfect

I just heard a chemistry TA tell her students that what she’s looking for in an introduction (in a lab report) is just, “what you guys are doing and why. Just tell me what you’re doing.” 


they will be fucked with any other TA they haveeeeeee

an introduction isn’t about procedures! It’s about techniques, how those techniques work, and why you’re using those techniques opposed to other techniques. 

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my favorite jeans were ruined yesterday. I got some 18 Molar H2SO4 shit on my pants and there’s a hole in them now. 


Fuck Indigo Carmine 


How did I get a 95% on my Buddhism test?

I got one problem that was worth 4 points (out of 40) completely wrong! Whatever. I’m okay with his mistake!

I woke up at 7 because my boyfriend wasn’t on skype anymore, and then I couldn’t fall back asleep because of anxiety. My Chemistry final’s grades should be posted today and I have no idea how I did. I think I did well, but then again, I know of a few questions I got wrong, and I just don’t know how many mistakes I made. This test decides whether or not I get an A in the class and it’s just driving me nuts. Can I just know? Thinking about it makes me want to puke. 

So, this is a thing I drew for Danny. 
Am I weird?

Is it weird for me to think that my chemistry lab practical was actually pretty fucking cool? I mean it was easy, but it was cool nonetheless. We had to determine the effectiveness of this drug on rats to decrease the effects of anemia. So basically, we had to make sure the concentration of iron in the plasma sample we were provided with was at an acceptable level. And then we had to make sure there was no copper in the sample, because the drug had a weird side effect that released copper in the blood. 

I mean, obviously it was a fake drug and stuff but I just think the idea was cool. Like, they spent a lot of time thinking of that.. and I bet they thought they were fucking cool when they thought it up. Haha. 

So I’m going to bed now…….

I didn’t fall asleep on skype with Danny tonight because I knew I was going to be up very late. I kind of regret that decision though, because now I don’t get to see his lovely face. 


I’m feelin’ pretty good. :)

I think I did well on my chem lab midterm.. but now I have to do my actual Chemistry exam. Can I just take a nap instead? :(

Dr. Weso gave me a dollar… 
for a minute. x)
When writing my Thin Layer Chromatography lab report
  • Me: You know TLC also stands for Tender Loving Care, right?
  • Danny: No...
  • Me: Yes! Like, if you found a maimed kitten you would need to give it a little TLC.
  • Danny: You want me to put it on a silica column and pour hexane and acetone on it?!?!
  • Me: No!
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Ew guys reviewing for chem sucks. 

:\ But to get all the As I need to keep this up.

Ok bai. Tiem to continue studying. 

Oh btw.

Danny was incredible. I totally understand electronegativity now which is amazing seeing as I was 100% clueless before I went in there.

If I keep studying with him, then I’m going to do fine. He’s seriously a life saver. I don’t even know how to even.

Notes - Carbon and Hydrogen are bitches that do whatever other people tell them to do. Fluorine is a greedy bitch. Hydrocarbons don’t fall in love like water does.. they just sort of.. hook up.

Oh, and cations are positive because I fucking love cats.