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The posters read:

“What?” age 14

Molested by my friend’s Grandfather

“I will make it fit.” age 14

I said “no”…ripped and bleeding after

“Get on top or walk home in the snow.” age 14

I woke up and a stranger was in the bed, hands down my pants. I screamed for help.  age 16

Past sexual abuse effects the entire family. Words that were once used for abuse, secrecy, and shame are now transformed in the presence of this love, acceptance, and grace. I am free to be a compassionate wife and mother and courageous advocate!

Photographed in Chicago, IL on September 27th

Click here to learn more about Project Unbreakable. (trigger warning)

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This is such an unbelievable project. It’s not often that people will talk about their experiences, and when they do it’s just so amazing. This picture really struck me, because it shows that even after all of this pain, there is so much love. 

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    Trying not to cry. Too early in the morning for this. Such strength and solidarity. These people and everyone on this...
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